All right-minded people want to have the perfect farm interior, no matter what style of house they live in! But ugh, fashion items always come at such a high price.

If you are tied up, but have time for DIY paddle in your hand, I have good news for you. These easy projects, all made of popicle wood, will give your home a cheap “shabby chic” look and make your home feel right at home.

Do you want to know more about pallets?

We reviewed where to find pallets, how to choose a good pallet and how to disassemble pallets without losing our minds in our Pallet 101 post here.

  1. Pallet wooden walls

How do you make your bathroom look like a farm? I have an idea: the wooden walls of this pallet!  Add a little farming flair to even the smallest space to take your bathroom from “meh” to “wow!”

  1. Economical DIY herringbone wood roof with pallets

The ceiling is one of those things that can’t seem to be upgraded, but if you’re running out of space to change your décor, this simple DIY palette is a unique way to get a country house look in any room for little money.

  1. Large DIY Palette Grower

Have you ever bought pots for your bushes outside, only to realize that the only option available is not ideal and is also expensive? Beautiful pots  made of palletized pieces of wood, assembled with simple tools, are one outdoor project that requires little effort, but are the perfect complement to your garden.

  1. Diy Palette Countryside Heart Wood + free templates

If you are not a carpenter, this wooden board is DIY for you. It’s a very easy way to use some old palettes and get a rustic look without too much effort. Just a little sanding, painting, and wood staining can make this look like your own work.

  1. Pallet wooden light box

Updating your house lights can be challenging. But one of my favorite DIY ideas is to use old barn wood to make beautiful lights. You can combine the finished product with stone jars around your lights to complete the look and give it a little more of a farm vibe.

  1. Pallet blanket ladder tutorial for blanket or shoe storage

Ladder blankets are the perfect way to have easy access to your blankets without having big, clumsy baskets everywhere. If you need to save space, take advantage of a few pieces of wood by building  this easy blanket ladder.

  1. Pallet bank

Am I the only one who thinks patio furniture is too expensive? Building your own bench with pallets is an easy and inexpensive way to take that farm style outdoors! There are many different ways to customize it to fit your own backyard, and the best part is that it’s really good! The easiest way to fix it even more is to throw a few pillows in there and call it a day.

  1. DIY Rural Pallet Wooden Box Center

One of my favorite DIY easy cottage decorations is this cute centerpiece made of paddleboard. If you have a nail gun or even wood glue, you can easily do it at home. It’s so cute that it looks like a small box of flowers on your table, and you can use it in the living room, kitchen, dining room, or wherever you want.

  1. Pallet wooden note board

If you have a wooden pallet and want to create an easy project with it, this pallet wooden board is DIY for you to hang some pictures or other notes. This rustic frame is a great project for someone who doesn’t want to take on a big project, but still wants to bring a unique look to their home. If you want to strengthen it, use black paint so that you can adjust it yourself with lime paint or white paint markers.

  1. Easy Pallet wooden tray

One of the simplest ways to make your breakfast in bed or charcuterie extra special is to incorporate some DIY farm décor ideas!  This easy wooden pallet tray  is the easiest project of all, and can be made to different sizes if desired to meet your needs. Add some mason jar drinks for an easy DIY farm-themed meal.

  1. Outdoor popsicle coffee table with beverage cooler

It’s ice cream drinking season, and if you need some outdoor furniture for a fun summer adventure, this simple project is the one for you. All you need are some basic tools and palettes to create this perfect summer beauty.

  1. Rural industrial letters made of wooden pallets and old curtains

I’m always looking for DIY that will make people ask where I bought it.  These custom-made wooden letters are absolutely  amazing, and all my guests comment on how cute they are. Little did they know, all I used were some worn curtains and oars!

Just reading this blog post is a good start for anyone who wants to create some easy DIY cottage décor. I hope this DIY palette project gives you an easy place to start by decorating your home and helps you feel confident in the look of your home this summer!

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