Just How to Make a Christmas Reindeer from Logs

Learn how to make a Christmas reindeer from logs with this remarkable clean academic. It is the precise natural ornament on your outdoor areas!
The way to make a Christmas reindeer from logs
We love adorning for Christmas internal our house, but we decided this year that it was time to add something fun outdoor. I am going to show you the way to make a Christmas reindeer with some branches from a tree. It’s brief, clean and critically cute!

We LOVE to DIY our own decor. I have made plenty of fun vacation things alongside the way like our DIY reindeer artwork and mini wreaths, and this a laugh log reindeer is up there as certainly one of my favorite excursion DIY projects.

We chose to make a Rudolph, complete with a purple nostril, however it truly is non-compulsory! We hope to feature one or extra a year so that we subsequently have Santa’s entire reindeer crew.

Check out the whole academic and you can start your own herd of Santa’s reindeer!

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How to Make a Christmas Reindeer Tutorial

Materials Needed:

  • 1 massive log, about four inches in diameter, for the body
  • 1 medium log, about 3 inches in diameter, for the top
  • 5 small branches, approximately 1 inch in diameter, for the legs and neck
  • 2 multi-factor branches for the antlers
  • 1 pinecone for the tail
  • 1 small, purple Christmas ornament, for the nostril
  • Clear caulk
  • Wood glue
  • Reciprocating noticed (this is just like ours: Makita Cordless Reciprocating Saw) or a chainsaw
  • Drill (that is similar to ours: Makita Cordless Drill Kit with Battery)
  • Paddle drill bits
  • A sharp pocket knife

The Steps:

Step 1. Make the body.
Cut your body to length and do away with any smaller branches from the body. We didn’t use any specific dimensions, we simply used our eyes to judge what scale became appropriate.

Step 2. Cut the legs.
Cut the legs to length and get rid of any smaller branches from them.

Step three. Drill holes.
Using a paddle drill bit as close in size to the diameter of your legs as possible, drill a hole for every leg within the underside of your deer body. Then drill 1 hollow at the pinnacle of the deer body for the neck.

Making log reindeer
Step four. Shave branches to suit.
If necessary, use your pocket knife to shave off the bark from the top of the legs and neck so that they may suit snugly into the holes that you have drilled.

Timber leg for log reindeer
Step five. Assemble the frame, legs, and neck.

Assemble all your portions so that you can determine how huge your head need to be. Again, simply eyeball it! There isn’t any proper or incorrect as long because it appears right to you.

Log reindeer body
Step 6. Cut and fasten the top.
Cut your head to duration. It should be flat at the back end and angled in which the reindeer’s “face” is. Drill a hole in the bottom of the top in which it will attach to the pinnacle of the neck and placed the pinnacle on.

Cutting log for Christmas reindeer
placing logs collectively for reindeer
Step 7. Attach the nose.

Now you are ready to attach Rudolph’s nose! Make sure to use a shatterproof ornament and do away with the metallic piece. Drill a small hollow for it to sit down in on Rudolph’s face and secured it with clear caulk.

Christmas ornament for log Rudolph’s nostril
using caulk to attached ornament nose
Step eight. Attach the antlers.

Drill small holes for your antlers and dad them into area.

Step 9. Attach the tail.
Finally, attach your pine cone tail with a few wooden glue.

Gluing pinecone onto log reindeer
That’s it! You have the cutest outdoor Christmas reindeer that you could use yr after year. We accessorized ours with a pink headscarf and he’s proudly displayed by our driveway.

How to make a Christmas reindeer from logs
the way to make a Christmas reindeer from logs

We can not wait to feature to the reindeer own family subsequent yr! What do you think? Are you tempted to locate a few logs and branches to make your very own? It isn’t always officially Christmas until the log reindeer has regarded in the backyard!

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