Eclectic Home Decor Ideas: How to Achieve the Look You’ve Been Searching For

Eclectic home decor is a mixture of different styles and influences. It is not just one specific style but rather a combination of several, bringing together different elements and mixing them in a way that’s both surprising and cohesive. Eclectic interiors are usually filled with unexpected finds, displaying items such as old books, vintage suitcases, antique scientific instruments or even toys and games. Each piece has its own story to tell and once combined in the same space creates a beautiful explosion of visual senses and ideas. These eclectic home decor ideas will help you achieve the look you’ve been searching for. The best part? They are not just limited to one particular room but can be spread throughout your home no matter which room you reside in.


Decorating Tips: How to Achieve an Eclectic Look

Before you get started with any specific room design, it’s important that you understand what eclectic home decor is and what it stands for. Eclectic home decor is basically everything and anything that doesn’t fit into a specific style. It’s a mishmash of different influences and items that doesn’t follow any particular pattern or rule. This is the key when decorating an eclectic home – create a combination of different things that wouldn’t ordinarily go together but somehow work in harmony. This creates an eclectic look and feel that is one of a kind. Eclectic home decor is all about creating a sense of surprise and breaking the rules. You can start by mixing different materials – wooden furniture with leather, velvet and fabrics, stone with glass and steel, or even a little bit of tin. Mixing different patterns is also a great idea – try combining stripes with polka dots and stars, or use chevron and paisley patterns together. And last but not least, don’t be afraid to mix different colors together. Just make sure to use a color wheel to make sure your choices are on-trend and balanced.


Mix and Match Different Colors

Choosing the right colors for your eclectic interior is crucial no matter which room you’re decorating or what style you’re going for. For example, if you’re decorating a kitchen and want it to have an eclectic feel, you can choose to use bright and bold colors. If you’re looking to decorate a bathroom, you can choose to use calming and neutral colors. There are many different ways to mix and match different colors for your eclectic interior. You can choose to use the same color with different intensities. For example, you can use the color red with different intensities such as scarlet red, crimson red, and ruby red. You can also choose to use the same color and different shades of it. For example, you can use the color yellow with different shades such as butter yellow, lemon yellow, and citron yellow.


Incorporate Different Shapes and Sizes

Eclectic home decor is all about bringing a variety of different items and shapes together in a single space. Unlike modern interior design which usually focuses on clean lines, symmetry and simplicity, eclectic interiors love to incorporate different shapes and sizes into their design. You can incorporate different shapes and sizes by choosing furniture and pieces that have different shapes. For example, if you’re decorating a living room, you can choose to use a sofa with a round or square shape, or even a sectional sofa with an L-shaped sofa. When it comes to tables, you can choose to use a coffee table or a dining table. You can also use different sized end tables, floor lamps, bookcases, and cabinets.


Add Antiquities and Unique Pieces

Whenever decorating an eclectic interior, make sure to include antiquities and unique pieces. You can incorporate these pieces by choosing different decorative items such as vases, decorative plates, candlesticks, lamps, wall art, and paintings. You can also choose to use different sculptures and figurines in your design. The best way to incorporate antiquities and unique pieces into your eclectic interior is by visiting antique shops, flea markets, and vintage stores. You can also visit online stores that sell antique items or vintage items. Just make sure to choose items that are in good condition and that you’re willing to repurpose in your design.


Try Out Unique Combinations of Textures and Materials

Another great idea for creating an eclectic interior design is by incorporating different textures and materials. When decorating a room, you can choose to use materials such as wooden furniture, leather, velvet, fabrics, and even metals. You can also choose to display different textiles such as vintage fabrics and linens, rugs, and decorative pillows. The best way to incorporate different textures and materials into your eclectic interior design is by choosing items that have interesting textures. For example, if you’re choosing furniture for a living room, find a sofa or a sectional sofa that has a velvet finish. If you’re choosing a coffee table, find a table that has a wooden finish.



There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your home. If you’ve ever been curious about decorating your home in an eclectic style, now is your chance. Eclectic home decor is all about bringing different elements together to create a beautiful and bold design. The best part? You can apply these ideas no matter which room you reside in.

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