a Green Bedroom, Tips for Decorating a Green Bedroom

Our tips and tricks for decorating green bedrooms, how we design our bedrooms and how you can too.

We already have our fair share of master bedroom renovations and upgrades.

From the renovation of our cabin bedroom, the renovation of the lakeside bedroom to the  reveal of  our townhouse, we never left the master bedroom untouched.

And why don’t we?

The bedroom is where you spend most of the day!

Therefore, it is very important to have a decorated bedroom that you enjoy and want to enter at the end of the day.

Making your bedroom beautiful is the best form of self-care.

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If you’re on a budget or want a quick change, the easiest solution is to change the color scheme of the bedroom.

If you know us, our bedroom makeover always leans towards pastels and pinks.

We never get dark, but there’s a first for it all (which is probably why we had a lot of fun decorating this one)!

Whenever a renovation begins, people (including us) tend to focus on community spaces first: kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, etc.

Then, as parents, if there is time and money, we tend to prioritize the nursery.

The master bedroom became a late occurrence.

And that’s what this bedroom was before: a hodgepodge of décor items collected over time without being a cohesive collection.

Our goal is to create a “stylish adult” bedroom, but one that is comfortable and comfortable.

Therefore, we decided on an emerald green bedroom, a color that symbolizes royalty, balance and harmony.

Because anyone who gets dibs in the master bedroom deserves actual treatment!

Emerald Green Bedroom Revealed

We wanted a temperamental, dark environment that was still bright and airy for the bedroom.

Sounds contradictory, right? It is possible to achieve both.

To do this, we focus on the walls and curtains of green accents on the green.

We subtly added a torrent of color with decorations such as muted carpets and patterned Brooklinen beds chosen to break emeralds.

Another touch of green was added, but we chose a lighter green.

To avoid being too dark, we place additional lamps and candles on an emerald green background.

Choose our Brooklinen bed

When it comes to choosing a bed, we know it’s something we don’t want to skimp on.

1/3 of your life is spent under the sheets, so don’t you want them to be very comfortable?

We want to feel like you are sleeping in a 5 star hotel. . . without a 5-star price, so we chose Brooklinen.

Founded by a married duo, Brooklinen offers luxury homewares at affordable prices.

In fact, we furnished  our own master bedroom with  a Brooklinen bed, so we knew we wanted to do the same with this one.

We like the  pillowcase   to be closed so that pillow inserts and tags are hidden.

Because the accents of the green walls and the emerald green curtains matched, we deliberately chose beds with different colors and patterns to avoid monotonous green rooms.

With the Brooklinen Hardcore package, you can create your own bed sets and mix and match designs, as all styles complement each other.

So your sheets don’t have to fit into a blanket. There are no restrictions and you have all the freedom to design your bedroom.

Since emerald green is already a deep “serious” and bold color, we chose sheets with a cute pattern of window panes and striped blankets.

By sticking to the line design, it still lends itself to the modern feel we’re looking for.

And don’t you hate it when you change your quilt and don’t know which side it is?

Brooklinen blanket covers feature “long side” and “short side” labels.

If you’ve never tried Brooklinen before, now is a great time to take advantage of its big holiday sale. All Brooklinen items are 15% off with no minimum order (up to 12/26/22).

Does the color of your room affect your mood?

Studies have shown that colors have a huge impact on your mood, which is why color is an important part of interior design.

Certain colors may evoke different personal memories or personal reactions, but they tend to always trigger the same feelings.

Warm colors such as yellow, orange and red increase energy.

Therefore, these bright warm colors are usually used in common areas and entertainment rooms.

For example, red is bold, makes a strong statement, and is said to stimulate appetite.

Therefore, red is often introduced into the living room and dining room.

The colors on the opposite side of the color wheel, such as blue and green, enhance the calm and relaxed emotions.

They are usually seen in private spaces and private temples such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and even in offices.

Create a green color scheme

There are so many shades of green.

And although it is considered a cool color, certain shades can deflect towards a warmer spectrum.

Warm greens such as olive, chartreuse green, lime green, and pistachio green can have both yellow and brown colors.

While cold shades of green such as sage green, emerald green, and sea foam green have a blue color.

Once you find the perfect green, then you have your color scheme!

Benefits of having green in your bedroom

Green is a calming and calm color that can have a calm and relaxing effect.

It is related to nature and the outdoors.

It is also said to evoke health and is a natural color for stress relief.

And after a long day, you probably want all the relaxing and calming sensations you can get from relaxing in the bedroom.

What other colors are suitable when decorating a green bedroom?

Since green is usually chosen to enhance calmness, it’s best to stick to other cool colors like blue.

Combining it with neutral colors like white (like a Brooklinen blanket) or beige (as does  this rattan bedside table) balances it out.

So if you don’t want to be bold in bold green, it still works fine in white bedrooms.

You can keep the walls white, and then green can be the color of your focal point.

Or opt for our master bedroom idea to paint the emerald green accent walls with matching curtains for an added dramatic effect with a dark green color.

Also, since green represents the exterior, you can complement it with other nature-inspired shades that look outside such as sky blue, light gray, and bright yellow.

We replace the upholstered bed with a wooden bed  frame to insert natural elements.

We also felt that the four-poster bed was played with a real emerald green effect.

How to Put Green Naturally in the Bedroom

The fastest and easiest way to naturally introduce green into the bedroom is to decorate with unique ornamental  plants  on equally unique plant supports.

An added bonus is that the plant also serves as a natural air filter, relieves stress, and is said to enhance creativity.

And if you really don’t have a green thumb, try a cute paper plant.

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