This is a childhood summer tradition: lemonade stands for children! Read about how to create a successful lemonade stand for kids, plus DIY lemonade stand ideas and how to help kids plan and budget (bonus: summer math skills).

How to arrange a lemonade stand for children


8 Steps to an Amazing Lemonade Stand for Kids


Want to keep kids busy this summer, learn important life skills, and grow their entrepreneurial spirit? Hosting a kid-friendly lemonade stand is a great way to spend a whole day, or a week, including planning and construction!

When the kids own a lemonade stand, they learn a little bit about running a business, practicing their manners and social skills, making a little money, following those important math skills, and having fun creating great memories.


Check out these tips on how to help kids set up a lemonade stand this summer.

  1. Plan and build together.

Help the kids decide how they’re going to make their lemonade and what they need to put it together. From simple tables with brightly colored tablecloths to DIY wooden stands with lemonade stands on top, the only limit is the imagination of children (and their DIY skills).

DIY Lemonade Stand Ideas

The simplest configuration of the lemonade stand is a folding table (try this one with adjustable legs for  the child’s height when you need it!), just add a cute tablecloth and lemon and a quick and easy paper banner to make it attractive.

A shade canopy is useful for keeping drinks and children cool, as well as increasing height to attract attention and adding banners or signs at the top of the booth.

If you want to do a DIY project (and what does Remodelaholic not like the project?), grab this cardboard lemonade stand to color your own or try these DIY kids lemonade support ideas that you can build together.


DIY Children’s Lemonade Stand Tutorial

  1. Lemonade Foot Train with Wheels (HerToolbelt) – This is a great project, but just as good for reuse for barbecues and summer parties! (In addition,  Make whiteboard signs easy here.)
  2. Easy Portable Lemonade Box (HGTV) Stand: Just a few boxes, pegs, and a few screws make it a quick lemonade stand with racks that can be disassembled for transportation or storage.
  3. DIY Lemonade Stand and Puppet Theater (Lowe’s) – I love the curved roof tents on this lemonade stand. The wheels make it easy to move, and easily turn into a puppet theater, so give your customers a cold drink *and* a show!
  4. Cedar Fence Picket (Jaime Costiglio) Children’s Lemonade Stand – This sturdy lemonade stand is made of affordable cedar fence boards! The built-in sign stand and hanging slate on the front are perfect finishing additions.


And for the menu, you can use good cardboard, or build  standing slate  horses or easy magnetic boards that can be reused at home later.


  1. Make an exclusive lemonade drink.

An easy  mix of pre-made lemonade powder  or  frozen pink lemonade from a can is a quick choice…. But what if you let the kids get creative with their own lemonade recipe?

Start with fresh lemons and the basic recipe below, then let them add their own touch, such as fruit flavorings (from syrup  or  fruit puree), ice in a fun way (made with a special ice tray),  or sweets such as lemon heads or gummy bears dropped into the drink.

Basic Easy Lemonade Recipes for Kids

  • 1 1/2 cups fresh juice (about 5-6 large lemons)
  • 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
  • 8 cups of airMix all three ingredients well and serve on ice.


More amazing summer drink recipes

  • Cream sorbet fruit float
  • Passion fruit basil lemonade
  • Strawberry and coconut alcohol-free cocktail
  • Freshwater Watermelon
  • Sangria Red Virgin
  • Pulau Hopper Piña Mocktail


Or add one of these summer smoothie recipes to your lemonade stand menu!

Here’s a tip for smoothies on the lemonade stand: mix all the ingredients except the previous ice, then add ice before serving.

  1. Diversify menus and sales offers.

If you have a lot of neighborhood kids involved, or if you have teens who are up for the challenge, consider adding more than just a drink to the menu.

Additions to the sale of cakes

Snacks such as brownies and pastries are easy to make at home, or you can rent or buy a cotton candy machine or popcorn machine.

Keep the lemon theme with Easy Lemon Drop Cookies, Simple From-Scratch Lemon Cupcakes, or Aunt Jenny’s Lemon Bars, or try these favorite cakes from kids:

  • Taburi Cookies Rainbow Funfetti
  • M&M chocolate chip cake
  • Colorful Kool-Aid sugar cake


Sell handmade goods

For truly motivated kids, spending a few weeks doing additional inventory for sale can be a great way to learn about profit margins (see below) and get paid for hobbies they love, like making earrings or downgrading.


For example, Cassity’s teenagers spend the winter and spring making handmade earrings for sale!

They had amassed a large supply to sell and added some snacks and snacks like cotton candy (in a pre-made tub) and small bags of chips as well.

  1. Learn the basics of entrepreneurship and marketing.

Small businesses like lemonade kiosks are a great place for kids to start their young entrepreneurial journey. Use this lemonade stand for kids as an opportunity to discuss the basics of running a business.


Who knew that talking about supply and demand could be fun? Help them set a price point where people will buy but still generate income; After all, this experience is about making a few dollars, right?

Do you think they can increase profits by selling more smaller cups of lemonade? Or sell larger cups, with additions, at a higher price? (They may need some guidance on the prices the market will bear, here!)

Can you increase profit margins by adding additional low-cost items (as mentioned above)? For example, making lemonade or cake brownies can be fun and cost-effective, but you may be able to *also* make a quick profit by adding ice bottled water or other ready-made snacks to the lemonade stand as well, for variety and convenience. (Just think about how much you pay for a bottle of water at a carnival or Disneyland!)


Lemonade War

Add some literacy to your summer lemonade stand internship! The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies is about 2 brothers who set up a competing lemonade stand. It’s a quick read that will make kids laugh while giving parents plenty of opportunities to talk about entrepreneurship and friendship.

Also, it will be a good time to talk about what the kids will do with victory. We recommend that you save some to spend, but also set aside a certain amount to save and donate to the charity of your choice.


Look for local needs that your children care about (such as animal shelters or food banks) or that can benefit from learning (such as local foster support programs), or you can join a national program such as Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation  to  raise money for children’s cancer research.

  1. Budget and stores.

Make a list of all the necessary supplies and take the children shopping. Talk about using coupons or finding items for sale, because all the money spent in advance will come out of your winnings in the end.

Teach modern real-life skills: Let kids use online ordering to schedule grocery pickup or delivery of all their supplies.   We *love* our Walmart+ membership for things like this!

In addition to lemonade, you need

  • mugs (adding tapas and straws is fun!)
  • Napkins, paper towels, and/or wet wipes: there will be spills, so be prepared to clean up the mess!
  • one or two jugs, with a stirring spoon
  • Fridge: A rolling chest cooler is a great option, or place a large 5-gallon drink cooler in a cart
  • Changes: Make sure the kids have a quarter roll and some $1 and $5 bills



Lemonade Standing Mathematics

This is where some summer math skills come into play! To plan and manage lemonade stalls, children can practice:

  • Basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division: how many lemons do you need to make a batch or 4 lots?
  • Money math: Add costs, budget expenses versus anticipated income and profits, and be sure to practice countdown changes!
  • Volume: If your pitcher has X ounces and each cup contains Y ounces, how many cups can you serve from each pitcher full of lemonade?
  • Approximate time: How long does it take to mix a bunch of lemonade? This will help them know when it’s time to mix the next batch so they can keep selling!
  • Algebraic expressions and equations: If you want to make a profit $X, how many glasses of lemonade do you need to sell? This requires advanced problem solving which can be a good brain stretch!

Decorate the lemonade stand

Children’s homemade posters and signs are classic lemonade stand décor, but you can also consider printing one of our easy-to-print lemonade or summer art prints! Just click on each image to see the details and get a printable one.


In addition to a fun tablecloth, use a basic wooden box  for  a  cute and easy display shelf, add a stone jar to hold the straw, and add  a whiteboard, light box,  or  whiteboard  to  make it easier to change your sign if needed.

  1. Select the date, time and place.

If your kids just want to make their lemonade stand up now, every day and a safe time and place will work.

However, for entrepreneurs, choosing a good date, time and place for a children’s lemonade stand is an important factor in sales success.

Choose a good location to allow children to set up lemonade stalls taking into account pedestrian traffic (i.e. potential customers) and safety. Your front yard will probably be the easiest place, but if possible, try to find a place where many people walk, such as near a playground or park.

You might be able to combine your lemonade stand with a local event or a neighbor’s garage sale, or ask a local business if you can set up shop outside of their store. This can be beneficial for lemonade kiosks and your business.

Whichever location you choose, be sure to get permission from the property or city owner, if necessary, and follow all local laws and licensing or permit rules for your municipality.

Also, think about the best time of day when people will be away from home. Make sure the kids choose a reasonable start time* and *end time for the lemonade stand (if they don’t sell out first).

And, of course, choose a day to set up a lemonade stand when you have good weather. On a hot, sunny day, people will look for ways to cool off and a glass of cold lemonade will be what they need.

  1. Spread the word.

As every small business owner knows: marketing is a big deal! Tell your friends, neighbors, and community members that the kids are going to hold lemonade stalls and ask them to help spread the word.


  • Make signs for nearby lemonade and advertising stalls, such as at the end of the driveway or at the entrance to your subdivision.
  • Let the children draw or print flyers to share.
  • If you have an environmental social network (such as a Facebook group), post it there to help with marketing.

Make it entertaining

Creating a fun atmosphere is a great way to add excitement to your kids and customers, and also draw attention to your lemonade stand!

Play fun music, take out the bubble machine,  and add garden games to make lemonade more fun and interesting.

A young Remodelaholics painting/art stand that turns into a lemonade stand, doesn’t have to look fancy!


  1. Let them learn!

As much as possible, let the children lead the show. Prepare them in advance and practice making changes, explaining menu options, and talking to your clients politely, This is the perfect time for them to practice their social skills and manners when dealing with customers – a little customer service experience results in a lot of empathy!

Keep adults (parents or family members) useful for supervision and safety, but as freely as possible.

When they do most of the work, children will get satisfaction from a job well done while learning valuable lessons, and they will have fun while doing it.

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