8 Things Tony Gorga Can’t Live Without

Let’s take a look at out Tony Gorga’s EDC

The global of Everyday Carry (a.Okay.A. EDC) is type of thrilling to me. These motion pictures seem to do insanely nicely on YouTube and, until recently, I had no concept there have been entire channels committed to anything knick-knacks men convey with them. But, they’re there. So, inside the spirit of sharing, right here’s what I deliver with me-and why.

A leather trap-all helps maintain EDC prepared.

In current years, I’ve grow to be a little OCD about muddle. I also hate strolling around asking ‘wherein are my vehicle keys?’ whilst, inevitably, I’m overdue out the door to drop off my daughter at daycare. To avoid that as an awful lot as possible, I hold all of my EDC within the precise same place — this leather seize-all. It’s within the entryway to the house, and I drop the whole thing there once I are available. Less clutter at the counters, and much less time searching for matters on the way out.

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Car Keys
Audi A4 automobile key

Though I grew up out of doors of Detroit, I became in no way a whole lot of a ‘vehicle man.’ In recent years, however, I’ve gotten a bit more into shape, function, and design. I determined an splendid deal on a completely low-mileage Audi A4 lower back in 2020 and had to flow on it. While this isn’t the ‘circle of relatives car’, it’s been an wonderful journey. It’s useful, secure, and the turbo gives it masses of pep to tackle a returned street. While where I live doesn’t get an excessive amount of snow, I would extraordinarily suggest Audi’s Quattro device.

You’ll also word the handiest different component on my key ring is a residence key. No secret grocery club club, no jelly-of-the-month club tag — none of that. I want as little bulk in my pockets as viable.

Shell cordovan card case pockets

My father includes an substantial pockets — so big he once wanted a rubber band to keep it together after the Velcro wore out. Very Costanza. It was at that factor I resolved to carry a card case and hold most effective the necessities in there. And, due to the fact I saw such a lot of guys must replace theirs each years or so, I knew I wanted some thing made to final.

So, I decided on a shell cordovan card case. I observed this one on Etsy, of all places. It’s crafted from Horween’s traditional Color #8, and the blue contrast sewing looks especially handsome. I’ve had this for approximately a yr, and it’s been excellent. It’s started to tackle a little patina, and has securely held on to what I hold in there. Which, frankly, isn’t a whole lot: credit score playing cards, my motive force’s license, and an coverage card.

Wedding Band


Wedding bands are one of those deeply non-public matters with a tale at the back of them. Here, I’d like to think there’s a lesson to be learned.

When I changed into first married, I had a 6mm tungsten band. I chose it because quite a few other men had them — and they had been handy for what we may want to fairly come up with the money for on the time. But, I changed into sized for it at approximately 11am, within the middle of August, after a reasonably extensive breakfast. In short, I wasn’t sized effectively and it have become very hard to preserve on. Because tungsten bands can’t be re-sized, I needed to purchase a new one after 3 years.

My band is slightly domed with a spherical part. That way, it slips over my knuckle however nevertheless sits securely on my finger. I turned into additionally sized at 6.Seventy five — no longer 6.Five or 7. That was as small as I may want to go while nonetheless being capable of simply get it on and rancid. It’s 5mm huge — no longer 4, not 6, however 5. I can also have stated earlier I’m a bit obsessive and this width changed into selected no longer simplest because it’s unique, but it is, to my eye, the ideal proportion for my finger. It’s 14k in preference to 18k, as nicely, due to the fact I desired it a touch tougher.

The lesson, although, is to select something precise to you, now not as it’s presently trending.

Hamilton Jazzmaster watch

While I can truly respect timepieces and the problematic designs of these captivating mechanical objects, I’m likely the least “watch man” out of the participants to this site. I do have a respectable collection, however my favourite is that this Viewmatic Jazzmaster Automatic from Hamilton (ref.H32515555). The 40mm case length is exquisite for my wrist, and this dial and strap works with anything from a T-blouse to a double-breasted match.

I’d had my eye on shopping it once I located out I turned into going to turn out to be a father, but a marvel paintings bonus enabled me to do it a little earlier than that. I’ve had it for over 4 years now, and don’t assume it’ll be out of the collection every time quickly.


I’m no longer one to line up for the ‘brand new and greatest’ of anything tech gadget comes out next. But, I currently convey the iPhone 12 Pro, and I’m glad I did. The 12MP digital camera system is remarkable, sure, however what I simply appreciate over a number of the previous fashions is the return to the more squared-off edges. To my eye, it makes for a cleanser layout. I additionally go for a minimalist case from Peel.


Tony Gorga in a informal outfit sporting Persol 714 shades

I’m some distance from Bono, but my eyes are fairly sensitive and I do put on shades maximum of the time outside. Because I get so much use out of them, a fine pair changed into well-well worth the funding. And for me, there isn’t a pair higher than the Persol 714s.

I went for the smaller 52mm version, and that’s worked high-quality for the scale of my noggin. The “Havana” tortoiseshell and brown (polarized) lens complement maximum of what I put on, as well.

While the 714s are the folding version, I honestly don’t fold them frequently unless I need to percent them in a carry-on bag.

Golf Practice Fob

Like many, golf became a huge part of my lifestyles in 2020. The route is an area to escape and the game is a way to usually venture yourself both physically and mentally. I’m lucky enough to have a membership with superb practice centers literally down the road from my residence, so I’m capable of get out some times every week on a lunch damage or after my daughter is asleep to hit a few balls, and attempt to attain a single-digit handicap.

Wrapping Up

My EDC will, of path, vary depending on in which I’m going that day. But, I’ve been conscious and intentional about what I carry and why. It’s one much less variable I need to recall and makes me a great deal greater efficient.

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