3 Easy Upgrades to Make Your Room Your Wintertime Sanctuary .

I’m so excited to share some of the latest updates to our bedroom! Today I’m going to show you the simple and inexpensive changes we’ve made to create a friendlier shelter for the winter months with some beautiful new additions from Walmart! Walmart makes it very affordable and easy to enhance your personal and home design style for this season.

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post!

I love mixing and matching existing and new (or new to us) pieces to make the house feel like home. For the month of January I decided to focus more on settling in our new bedroom. We moved in when we sold our other house in October, but apart from bringing our furniture here, we haven’t made any special efforts to make this room feel like home until this month!

Set our bedroom as the project I want to work on for A Lovely January (learn more and participate in A Lovely January HERE!)  It gave me the extra motivation I needed to keep going, but also to keep things simple! I know we’ll continue to make this space ours from time to time, so there’s no rush or pressure to do it all. Giving me permission to work with what we have now and update what we can really inspire me!

Here are three simple improvements that can make your bedroom a winter shelter:

Create an environment that improves mood

One of the most important updates I always do in every winter room is to set the mood of the space. There are many ways to do this, but especially in winter I think the lighting is very significant. I know for some people it may be more interesting to get a new bed or paint color or recessed floor or wood, or whatever might be on their design bucket list, but if your room is only illuminated by ceiling lights (or no light!) it will never feel calm, warm or welcoming.

We feel lucky to have beautiful natural light in our bedroom through double-glazed windows and doors, but illuminating the corners around the space with lights is just as important as how the room feels on an overcast day or night.

You may remember that I recently ordered a  beautiful brass pharmacy light through a Walmart that I loved. It’s of good quality, very stylish and has made a huge difference when reading or working in corner chairs (chairs that were already in the house when we moved in!).

I also found a rattan table lamp  very cute  for the other side of my chair. As beautiful as  a work lamp  for reading or a project, it does not quite illuminate the entire space at night, so the addition of a desk lamp  makes the whole corner feel more cheerful. The rounded shape of the lamp looks great on the table, giving it a more mature look.

Last year we added  a beautiful bird/flower lamp (from Walmart too!) to our room and I still love it. I really like the design and color it brings to this new space.

This month I started looking for a plug-in wall sconce for the bed. In future projects, we will likely install wall sconces throughout the house, but for now the plug is a way to get immediate benefits.

Wall light source

Our bed was on a short wall between the two doors. With a queen size bed, we had almost no room for a small bedside table. The lamp we brought from our old house took up so much space on that little bedside table that both were visible and physically made the space feel fuller and cluttered.

Wall lamp plug-in

I wanted a wall lamp in a classic traditional design with a simple linen screen to add warmth to the room. Ideally, with the way they were near the door, I didn’t want anything to protrude too much into the room. This new wall sconce is perfect!

Wall lamp plug-in

Source of Cotton Throwing Blanket / Green Glass Vase

The final result of the wall lamp is soft bronze, which looks beautiful with texture in our room. They look similar to black (and complement other black hardware and accents) without getting rough.

The lighting has completely changed the feeling of our room. And even better, they really made me feel a lot more peaceful indoors! I love them.

Add design details that bring your personal style together

What colors and textures do you like in winter? I feel more at home with a calm and relaxed, comfortable style, which is not boring but feels smooth, united, and intentional.

My favorite design that defines details in a room will add layers of texture, pattern, and color. Fortunately, you don’t need to design the room from top to bottom at once to reflect your style, you can do it over time. In fact, even if you can redecorate it all at once, I think it’s more likely to feel welcoming, more authentic, and personal in the long run if you let the elements develop over time. Otherwise, your room will eventually feel more like a stagnant version of your time capsule.

Sisal carpet fountain

Tassel pillow font // Blue and white accent pillow font

I found some new pillowcases (I love the texture, color, and tuft detail!), warm and thick textured sisal rugs, and a really  nice blue cotton blanket,  all at Walmart to add to our existing pieces. These new elements really help update our look and bring together our cozy winter style!

I also found  a neat photo frame so  you can easily change the artwork, image, or “floating” quote, so it will be easily updated for each season.

Bird/Flower/Image Frame Font

Find ways to add beauty and functionality

A comfortable winter room will not only be beautiful to look at, but also should be functional. That’s a big priority for me! If you’re like me, you’ll probably spend more time curled up in your room reading, relaxing, or working on hobbies or projects this time of year.

Source: Ottoman Jute  // Blueprint and brown shooting blanket /  sisal carpet / White pillow with ornaments

Not only is this new little burlap ottoman from  Walmart an adorable texture addition to room design, but I can also use it to lift my feet or leave a book! This is already quite useful.

The box that can be stacked with a white lid on my bookshelf is so cute. They will be nice to layer layers on top of the book or just on their own. They will also be very useful for storing small souvenirs, gift cards, letters, photos, jewelry, etc.

What projects are you working on this month? I hope you’ll be inspired by the simple upgrades I’ve made to our rooms so far (more to come!) and see how easy it is to change your space shopping at Walmart for all things home-related. You can find all the sources and more linked below.

Stay tuned, I’ll share more ideas I have for my room in the coming weeks!

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